Saturday, December 13, 2008

Cool gadget :JingPeng E1181 cellphones has detachable camera :)

Here's a new camera phone which has got a detachable camera , remember back when cellular phones din't have cameras .Now its a requirement and even considering low megapixel cameras that are tacked on high priced smart phones this phone is like a gadget which are usually find in spy movies especially in bond movies .Talking about this phone it has got a rechargeable battery with 2 megapixel camera which is capable to stream images to phone continuously with in 30 m feet range ,you need to plug it back to phone for recharging  the camera .Yes, most users already have a camera on their phone, but it is only used in cases when they don’t have their better-quality digital camera available .So guys why not going for this that is so good that it deserved to be detached from the cellular phone altogether.

         Talking about its features it has got standard features like  3- inch touchscreen , FM tuner ,Dual Sim Slots ,and Bluetooth 2.0 and talking about its price it will cost you $155.


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