Saturday, January 17, 2009

What would you do if you owned the entire web for one hour? - The Next Web Contest

It means the entire web is in your hand you can play around. You have administrator access to each and every service or the web.
For instance, you can edit, or any website. You can edit, delete, and download any content or media on the web. You can change Ads on sites to link to your sites, log into anyone’s email, social networking accounts and hack ‘n crack.

It's like controlling  whole world ‘n whole world is in your hand.

Here is a contest to show off your innovative mind and imagination:

This contest is open for everyone Interested participants can submit their response via form.

This contest is not to find ways of how much revenue you can make if you own the entire web for one hour. But, its an open challenge for participants to think and project your own imagination about how would you change the web or what would you do specifically in a time limit of one hour if you own the entire web.

The responses will be evaluated by the team who are conducting it and the winner will be disclosed accordingly

The prize:

A VIP invitation for The Next Web Salon - an inspiring night with visionaries and people who change the world.

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